Green Principles

Green Policy Statement

It is the policy of Couponology Inc. to perform its business activities with an approach that protects and preserves the environment. The conduct of our operations and the manner, in which we service our clientele, must eradicate intolerable environmental hazards to our clients, employees, and the surrounding public. Couponology Inc., including all its subsidiaries and affiliates, will abide by the standards and objectives of all pertinent environmental legislation and universally accepted guiding principles.

Green Policy Principles

The development and implementation of air, energy, health, water, resource, transportation, and waste management control programs are significant responsibilities of the executives at In developing the necessary “Green” procedures, preference shall be given to technologies, operational protocols and new vendor relationships that comply with the standards of environmental law and with the objectives of Green Policy Principles. In all scenarios,’ executives should assure an early and complete review of the environmental impact of any significant change to our business operations or client services.

Company “Green” Values - to recognize environmental management as among the highest corporate priorities; to establish policies and protocols for conducting operations in an environmentally sensible manner.

Management Assimilation - to assimilate the Company “Green” Values, policies, and protocols completely as an essential element at each Divisional Headquarters, including all Subsidiaries and Affiliates.

Commitment to Improvement - to continue to improve corporate policies, practices and overall environmental performance, taking into account technical developments and scientific discoveries, as well community expectations.

Companywide Education - to educate, train and inspire employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Assessment - to assess environmental impacts before initiating a new project or introducing a new service.

Products and Services - to develop and provide products or services that have no excessive environmental impact and are safe in their intended use, that are efficient in their utilization of energy and natural resources.

Facilities and Operations - to make certain conducts all operational functions by taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and materials, the sustainable use of renewable resources, the reduction of unfavorable environmental impact and waste production, and the safe and responsible removal of residual wastes.

Preventative Approach - to adapt the use of products or services or the conduct of activities, consistent with scientific and technical understanding, to prevent grave or irreversible environmental degradation.

Vendors - to promote the implementation of these principles by all our vendors, encouraging improvements in their practices to make them consistent with those of

Emergency Action Plan - to develop and sustain emergency action plans in conjunction with the local emergency services and the immediate community in the potential occurrence of a catastrophic event that may create environmental degradation.

Public Conscience - to contribute to the development of public policy and to business and local governmental programs and educational initiatives that will augment environmental awareness and protection.

Corporate Openness - to promote openness and discussion with employees and the immediate community, anticipating and responding to their concerns about the potential hazards and impacts of operations, wastes or services.

Compliance and Controls - to measure environmental performance; to conduct regular environmental audits and assessments of compliance with standards, environmental legislation and our “Green Policy” principles.

It is the responsibility of the Divisional Executives and the supervisors at each operational facility and service location, with the assistance of the Executive Environmental Impact Committee, to have in place programs and protocols that adhere with the Green Policy Principles.